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FLASH SALE! Saint-Honoré yule log cake

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Product: A pastry lover's dream, this Christmas yule log cake Saint Honore is made with golden puff pastry, cream puffs, creme Chantilly, vanilla and caramel... a pure delight! 

Named after Saint Honoré, the French patron saint of bakers, this intricate dessert is a true representation of French confectionery art. Saint Honoré cake unites all of the fundamental components of French pastry making: puff pastry, vanilla custard, choux pastry, and caramelized sugar

Producer: UAE local chef pastry

Serving instructions: Place the yule log in the fridge 24hrs before consumption or 4-6 hrs outside but it is not our preferred option and it will not be as good as properly defrosted in the fridge. 

Ingredients: Butter, water, eggs, milk, sugar, salt, vanilla, white chocolate , cream, dark brown sugar

Weight: 800gr - 4 persons

Origin: UAE

Conservation: -18°C. Do not refreeze once thawed 

Allergens:  cream, milk, egg, May contain trace of nuts