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Goat camembert Saint-Heray

Dhs. 41.90

Product: Goat camembert Saint Heray's story began in 1906 with Pastor Eynard, who, from his village of Mothe-Saint-Heray, specialized in the preparation of soft goat cheeses with a bloomy rind. Since then, the cheese factory has had some ups and downs, but this goat camembert and the know-how it requires have survived.

This legendary creamy camembert therefore embodies sustainability, tradition and history.

If the tradition had a taste, it could have that of camembert Saint-Heray. This cheese has a shape and texture reminiscent of cow's milk camembert, but cut into that delicious morsel and you’ll find a lighter, almost pearl coloured cheese with a delicate and mild flavour when young, developing a strong, goaty flavour when fully matured.

Portion size: 180Gr

Country of origin: Loire valley, France

Stuff to consider: Thermized goat milk