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Raspberry tart

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Product: We love raspberries! Even more so when it's in a pie! Ultra gourmet dessert with real whole raspberries, pure butter sweet pastry dough garnished with custard cream. A treat!

Frozen dessert 

Producer: Our producer, based in France, makes our delicious desserts from traditional recipes. These classic French pastries will please you not only for their taste but also for their quality!

Preparation:  Put the product on a plate and defrost for 4 hours in a fridge (at 4°C) before serving. Once defrosted, keep refrigerated (at 4°C) and use within 24 hours.

Ingredients: Raspberries 35%, fresh skimmed milk, wheat flour, sugar 8%, butter 7%, glazing 6%, fresh eggs, rice flour, custard powder, icing sugar 2%, water, vanilla flavoring, salt, coloring agents, roasted malted wheat flour. 

Weight: 762g

Origin: France

Conservation:  Store the tart in your freezer at -18°C in a well closed case until utilization. Once defrosted, keep refrigerated between 0 and +4°C for up to 24h. Do not refreeze once thawed.

Allergens: Lactose, wheat, eggs. May contain traces of nuts