Pomegranate molasses

250 ml
Dhs. 40.00

Product: This pomegrenate molasses can be used as a condiment, or added to various dishes to enhance their flavor. 

Pomegranate molasses is a thick syrup made by reducing pomegranate juice and sugar. It's used throughout the Middle East and is an important ingredient in Persian cuisine, where it's prized for its distinctive sweet and tart flavor notes. 

Producer: Jarra is a company founded in 2020, specialized in selling a variety of fine, Lebanese food to the UAE.
Arabic for “jar”, Jarra gathers hand-made, and seasonal Lebanese products, for the pleasure of the palate.

Ingredients: Pomegranate juice, salt

Weight: 250ml

Origin: Lebanon

Conservation: Store in a cool, dry place

Stuff to consider: No additives