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Pomegranate juice Alain Milliat

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Product: Discover this red brown juice, its fluid texture, freshness, delicate bitterness and round body. Alain Milliat's Pomegranate juice is freshly squeezed from ripe pomegranates, providing an intense and delicious flavor that is all natural and preservative-free. The juice is packaged in a glass bottle that preserves the bright red color and the nutritional content of the juice. Enjoy the unique flavor and excellent health benefits of pomegranate juice.

Pairing idea : Avocado toasts

Producer: Alain Milliat has been producing gourmet juices and supplying them to France’s top restaurants and luxury hotels since 1997. They select and process the best fruits harnessing all the tasty characteristics and infusing these into the finest juices around.

Thanks to his fifteen years’ experience as a fruit grower, Milliat has built up considerable expertise. He’s established a network of producers who are fully in tune with his demands regarding fruit varieties, growing methods and optimal fruit maturity.

Ingredients: Pomegranate juice only! Without GMO

Weight: 200ml

Origin: France