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Pine Tree honey from Lorraine, France

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The honey: Fir honey is a refined honey with a nice woody aftertaste. Like any other monofloral honey harvested in specific French regions, Hédène fir honey is rare. 

Hédène fir honey is harvested in the Gérardmer Forest, in East Vosges, at the heart of one of the most beautiful pinewoods of France

Fir honey comes from an irregular nectar production, which might happen all over summer.  Its harvest is unpredictable as nectar flow can be abundant or nearly nonexistent.

This gourmet honey is absolutely perfect "au naturel" or on slices of bread, as sugar in your morning tea or hot milk.  In fact, it is ideal for a tonic waking. Just a spoonful of this fir honey will brighten up your day!

Producer: Hédène Paris

In the beginning, there are two beekeepers in love with French honey: Cyril Marx and Alexis Ratouis. Both born in a family of beekeepers, they connect through a passion for this noble and natural product, with multiple flavors and source of intense pleasure.

Both graduated from “Rucher-École du Jardin du Luxembourg” in Paris, they realized they both wanted to innovate in the honey sector. Hence they decided to create together Hédène, defined by a 100% French positioning and core values such as traceability, refinement and deliciousness.

Weight: 250Gr