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Pecorino pepato

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Product: Pecorino is the name given to all Italian cheeses made from sheep's milk. Traditional pecorino pepato comes from Sicily, where it is part of the regional cooking.

While you wouldn't think to add pepper to a glass of milk, it does add a special piquancy to other dairy products. Embedded with whole black peppercorns, Pecorino Pepato has a peppery taste that bursts across the palate. It is an intense and salty cheese that can be enjoyed on its own, but as a seasoning for pasta, especially with beans or tomato sauce... It’s a pure delight! 

It is an awesome alternative for Parmigiano Reggiano if you want to bring new flavors to your pasta or risotto! 

Ingredients: Unpasteurised ewe's milk, salt, lactic ferments, animal rennet, black pepper

Country of origin: Italy 

Portion size: 200Gr

Stuff to consider: Unpasteurized ewe’s milk