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Poilane walnut bread - sliced

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Product: A BREAD WITH A UNIQUE TASTE.  The Poilâne® Walnut Bread is made with stone-ground wheat flour, whole walnut kernels, and our natural sourdough starter. Each handmade loaf is baked in our wood-fired brick ovens. It pairs perfectly with Brie, Camembert, or Vacherin cheeses. Try it also in desserts such as the "Charlotte," where the walnuts complement pears, strawberries, or chocolate. No additives, no preservatives.

Producer: Poilâne®

Poilâne flours contain no additives or improvers and are not made from a mixture.

Walnuts account for 26% of the recipe for Poilâne nut bread. We find the same care in their selection as the one brought by the company to all its ingredients and all its productions. Poilâne has chosen whole walnut kernels harvested in the French regions most renowned for the quality of their walnut trees. 

Unit weight : 300Gr

Baking Instructions:
  • Defrost the slices one by one and reheat them in a toaster.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sourdough, water, salt, nuts

Stuff to consider: FROZEN, contains nuts