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Pimientos de Padron (Padron pepper)

Dhs. 19.90

Product:  Picked by hand from April to October in the area of Pontevedra in Galicia, Pimientos del Padron are then pan-roasted while fresh in sunflower oil.

Producer: Bellota-Bellota is a French brand dedicated to the art of living, combining the very best of 2 cultures: Spain and France... From Spain, they took exceptional products such as the best Iberian ham, iconic product of the country but also delicious seafood. And from France, its aesthetic look and its taste for sophistication and detail.  

How to use: Simply reheated in the microwave or using a plancha (pan), they keep the look of fresh produce. Careful, some of them can be quite spicy.

Ingredients: Pepper and vegetable oil

Weight: 100 gr

Origin: France

Allergens: may contain traces of gluten