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Noirmoutier Fine table sea salt

Dhs. 41.90

Product: Contains only Noirmoutier grey sea salt, harvested in a traditional way in the salt marshes of the island.

The salt shaker is made of aluminum, a 100% recyclable material that resists perfectly well to salt corrosion.

Producer: Herio was founded in 2019 by Francois Rousseau. He discovered Noirmoutier through his in-laws. He started showing interest in salt harvest on the island right from his visits in mid-2000’s. After 8 years in the textile industry in Paris, China or Northern France, he decided to begin a new journey and to create Herio to help channel local energies to promote Noirmoutier salt, and allow it to take its due-place in the world.

How to use: A salt shaker of fine salt for seasoning. Usable everywhere, to salt your dishes throughout the cooking.

Ingredients: salt

Weight: 250Gr

Origin: France

Allergens: none