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The Essentials kit

Dhs. 369.90

Discover our new essential kit, even more convenient and generous! After having carefully reviewed our best sellers, we made a basket with your favorites products for your weekly consumption.

You can choose to have it halal or non-halal, and with or without vegetables, we adjust to your needs! :) 

Make sure you select your cold cuts (halal or non halal) 

Without veggies:
1 x Cornfed yellow free-range chicken 1,2 to 1,4 Kg 
1 x 10 organic eggs
1 x Pre-baked croissants AOC butter - 4 x 80Gr 
1 x Jam, Belgium - 212ml
1 x Cooked ham 200Gr OR 1 x Black Angus beef Bresaola 100Gr
1 x Brie de Meaux A.O.C.
1 x Comté 18 Months Old
2 x Pre-baked multigrain half baguettes
2 x Pre-baked plain half baguettes
1 x Noirmoutier Fine table sea salt
1 x Extra virgin olive oil, Croix Verte

1 x Organic Creme brulée cake mix, La Pateliere 

In the veggie version, we have selected, besides the elements listed above, a 2.5Kg veggie mix that includes:


Red capsicums

*Disclaimer: the picture is an example and the essential items can vary depending of the available stocks. Call us if you need any clarification!