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Product: This cheese with its bean shape is called "mojette" in the west of France. Mojette is made from raw milk from neighboring farms at the Beillevaire cheese factory in Machecoul, in the Loire Atlantique region. Under its thin rind there is a creamy light yellow paste, its taste is delicate, buttery and grassy. 

The natural beige rind and the creamy texture of this cheese would please the gourmands. Mojette is a gourmet creation of our producer, Beillevaire. They like to create, search and find different cheeses like this one.

Country of origin: Loire valley, France

Ingredients: Unpasteurised cow's milk, lactic ferments, animal rennet, salt

Portion size: 100Gr

Producer: Beillevaire

Stuff to consider: Unpasteurized cow milk