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Mocktail bar

Dhs. 129.00

 Price per person, valid for a minimum of 30 people. Add the number of gourmet to the quantity. 

➡ You must book your live station at least 4 days before the event date.

Contact us for any request: +971 50 955 1569

Impress your guests with this fresh activity! We do the show and you enjoy delicious non-alcoholic mocktails. 

We can create a tailored mocktail with your logo's colors or your event's colors.

Inclusions for 30 persons:

60 Mocktails, 2 choices
Virgin mojito, virgin Moscow mule, detox, virgin Margarita, virgin daiquiri, virgin Cosmo, virgin Pina colada, Mai tai mocktail, Ice tea...

Buffet 2m and tablecloth (black or white)
Glasses and straw

Staff for set up and service


All the mocktails are prepared homemade with premium products.