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Mini tropézienne

Dhs. 60.90

Product: Made famous as Brigitte Bardot’s favorite French pastry, a tarte tropézienne recipe combines the best of French patisserie. Made with a brioche dough and a creamy custard filling, after one bite of this heavenly dessert, you’ll know exactly why it was a favorite of the French actress!

Ingredients: Mousseline preparation - water, sugar, coconut fat, modified starch, glucose syrup, natural flavour, thickener, whey milk protein, colouring, wheat flour, pearl sugar, glazing, butter, eggs white, yeast, wheat gluten, salt, wheat malt flour colouring agent

Instructions: Defrost for 2h-2h30 at 0-4°C

Country of origin: France

Portion size: 12 pieces x 38gr

Stuff to consider: May contain traces of nuts, gluten, milk, eggs, delivered FROZEN