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Apple tatin tartlets

Dhs. 52.90

Product: The tarte tatin is a traditional French dessert. Try these tarts, they are so delicious! Great for a snack or for your lunchtime dessert at work 😇.


Ingredients: Cream, wheat flour, sugar, semi skimmed milk, butter, milk, pasteurised whole barn eggs, almond powder, water, egg yolks, glucose syrup, apple dices, white chocolate, natural vanilla flavoring, cocoa butter, glucose-fructose syrup, gelling agents, dark chocolate, concentrated apple puree, sugar cane, maize starch, citric fibre, natural flavour, salt, invert sugar syrup, salted butter, aromatic caramel, radish, carrots, blackcurrants, acid, raising agents (gluten), stabilizer, antioxidant. 

Instructions: Bake for 10 mins - 12 mins at 180°C

Country of origin: France

Portion size: 2 pieces x 120gr

Stuff to consider: May contain traces of nuts, peanut, milk, eggs, gluten