Individual chocolate tarts

2 pieces
Dhs. 34.90

Product: Everyone loves chocolate, right? In any case, we love it! Especially our mini chocolate tarts: Very practical for a snack or a last minute dessert!

Frozen tart 

Producer: Our producer, based in France, makes our delicious desserts from traditional recipes. These classic French pastries will please you not only for their taste but also for their quality!

Preparation Instruction: Put the product on a plate and defrost for 2-3 hours in a fridge between 0°C and +4°C before serving. Once defrosted, keep refrigerated and use within 48 hours.

Ingredients: fresh cream, chocolate 24%, wheat flour, glazing, sugar, butter, water, fresh eggs, rice flour, icing sugar, modified starch, gelling agent: E440, salt, acid: E330, roasted malted wheat flour. 

Weight: 2 x 107 gr

Origin: France

Conservation: Store the tarts in your freezer at -18°C. Once defrosted, keep between 0°C and +4°C for up to 48h. Never refreeze once thawed.

Allergens: may contain traces of nuts, sesame seeds, soya