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Mini cheese platter

Dhs. 54.90

Product: French cheesemaker Beillevaire P'tit Plateau is a gourmet selection of 4 different artisan cheeses and 1 Beillevaire butter portion.

It represents the French savoir-faire on a small wooden board for 2 - 3 people. It is the best choice for a picnic basket or an "apéritif".

Kit composition: 

  • Tomme brulée - pasteurised ewe's milk
  • Pave corrézien - pasteurised cow's milk
  • Rocher nantais - unpasteurised cow's milk
  • Long cendre - thermised goat's milk
  • Pasteurised butter, fleur de sel of Noirmoutier

Origin: France

Portion size: 170Gr

Stuff to consider: Pasteurised, unpasteurised and thermised cheeses