160 gr
Dhs. 31.90

Product: Mixed milk cheese is a surprising category of cheeses where cheesemakers give free reign to their imagination. This is how they get inventive and original types of gourmet cheeses like creamy blue-veined Cabrales from Spain (made of cow/sheep/goat milk), rich brie-like Italian La Tur (cow/sheep/goat), or fresh Halloumi from Greece (goat/sheep). 

The texture is soft, tender, slightly creamy, under the crust. In the mouth, the Millefeuilles has milky flavors that melt under the palate. A beautiful visual and taste originality!

Hailing from Aude, the unusual shape of this cheese makes it a beautiful addition to any cheeseboard.

Producer: Millefeuilles is a creation from our cheesemaker Pascal Beillevaire. It is a cheese composed of a mix of cow and goat's raw milk. It consists of an alternation of cow curd, ash, goat curd, ash and cow curd.

Portion size: 160Gr

Country of origin: Loire valley, France

Stuff to consider: Unpasteurized cow and goat milk, dietary ashes