Lincolnshire Double Barrel

200 gr
Dhs. 34.90


Brothers Simon and Tim Jones are the fourth generation to run the family dairy farm on the Lincolnshire Wolds. Famous for making Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese – a cheese which is at the crossroad between cheddar and Gruyère – a few cheeses from each batch have the potential to be aged for much longer than the usual 14 months.

Made using fresh unpasteurised milk from their 230 strong herd of pedigree Holstein Fresian Cows, these are matured for up to two years, until they have become so intense and powerful that they are a completely different proposition to the usual Poacher. Christened Double Barrel, the gourmet cheese is rich, strong and savoury with compelling pineapple flavours and a feisty kick.

Did you know? Head cheesemaker Richard Tagg practises the trombone in between cutting and milling the curd.

Weight: 200Gr

Country of origin: Lincolnshire, England

Stuff to consider: Unpasteurized cow milk