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Lemon, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil crackers

Dhs. 28.99

Product: The Fine Cheese Company crackers are made with extra virgin olive oil as well as all-natural ingredients. These crackers have a subtle flavor as not to overwhelm the cheese.

These hand crafted crackers are made with fresh ingredients, providing a unique flavor with real nutritional value.Enjoy them anytime, anywhere!

Producer: The Fine Cheese Co. was founded by Ann-Marie Dyas. A judge at both the British and World Cheese Awards, Ann-Marie was committed to the survival of traditional cheese-making, and to introducing farmhouse cheeses to as wide a public as possible. They have also made it their business to know what flatters it and makes it a new experience. Their dedicated and unique ranges of crackers, fruits, whole fruits, chutneys, and English pickles for cheese are the result.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 9% , Crystal Sea Salt 5% , Sugar , Lemon Juice Concentrate 3% , Natural Flavor, Sea Salt 1%

Origin: British Isles

Weight: 125Gr