Lavender honey from Luberon, France

250 gr
Dhs. 59.90

The honey:

Lavender honey is a monofloral honey with floral and fruity flavors. It is sweeter than oak honey and it melts softly in the mouth, to the delight of epicures!

Harvested in France, Hédène lavender honey is the most scented one. Its creamy texture enhances exceptional floral overtones, enriched with subtle nuances of fresh fruits.

Its typical taste has a light acidity. Its woody, green and floral aromas have a lingering taste. Most refined palates might feel sweet almond overtones on the finish. 

Flowering goes from mid-June to the beginning of August. Harvest happens from late July to early September. 

Tasting advice: 

If you are looking for a cocooning moment at home, Hédène lavender honey is ideal. With its creamy texture, its sweetness and its subtle floral overtones, it matches with hot beverages as herbal teas and hot milk, to fully enjoy a cozy break at home.

Producer: Hédène Paris

In the beginning, there are two beekeepers in love with French honey: Cyril Marx and Alexis Ratouis. Both born in a family of beekeepers, they connect through a passion for this noble and natural product, with multiple flavors and source of intense pleasure.

Both graduated from “Rucher-École du Jardin du Luxembourg” in Paris, they realized they both wanted to innovate in the honey sector. Hence they decided to create together Hédène, defined by a 100% French positioning and core values such as traceability, refinement and deliciousness.

Weight: 250Gr

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