Jerusalem artichoke and Comté cheese soup, organic, France

500 ml
Dhs. 49.90

The product: 

Rediscover forgotten vegetables with our Jerusalem artichoke cream soup. A surprising and delicious combination that will warm you up on cool winter evenings.
Our velouté Jerusalem artichoke Comté is cooked in France with cheese and vegetables 100% from French organic farming. Enjoy your meal !

The producer:

Mima's story is rooted in a rich land full of character. Their harvests come from France, mainly from the great South West. From field to plate, they favor short circuits. They care about their producers as much as producers themselves care about their products. Mima would not exist without their know-how, work ethics and passion.

All ingredients used in Mima products are 100% French and organic, and cooked in France.

Mima Bio was thought, imagined and created by women. But also drawn and designed by female artists. They have a privileged place in the brand's universe, they define and embellish it.

Ingredients and production made in France.

Ingredients: Water, Jerusalem artichoke, potato, cream, Comté PDO, salt from Île de Ré

Country of origin: France

Portion size: 500ml

Stuff to consider:  Milk. Made in a workshop using sesame, celery and gluten.