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Hot drinks package

Dhs. 12.00

➡ This hot drinks package catering is perfect for any large event. It includes all the essentials for serving hot drinks, including thermoses (coffee and tea), milk, sugar, paper cups, stirrer and napkins. Serves up to 100 people with ease. Make your event a success with this convenient package.

Price per person 12AED inc. vat / person . Valid for a minimum of 12 people. Add the number of persons to the quantity. 

What is included on this package (starting from 12 persons)?

    • 2 thermos coffee premium 1L (Arabic coffee also available)
    • 1 Thermos Tea - assortment black and green tea, infusion 1L
    • Milk and sugar (white and brown)
    • Paper cup, stirrer and napkins (chinaware available at extra cost)

      Important to Note:

      • We utilize sustainable disposable tableware for this option.
      • Chinaware is also available at an additional cost.
        Please be aware that set-up and staff assistance are not included. There is an additional fee of AED 450 for one person to cover set-up and service.

      Contact us for any request: +971 50 955 1569