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HERE-O V-Good, fresh vegan donuts

Dhs. 45.00

Product: Believe us these are good. Not just very good… but Vegan Good! Super fresh donuts, made the same day with high quality products. They are cooked using the sourdough process, which means it doesn't use commercial yeast to rise.


  • Tea For Tropic-OThe combination of Japanese matcha, pineapple and cookies shouldn’t work – but be assured this daring trio packs a deliciously powerful punch.

Dough: Matcha vegan brioche sourdough - flour, sugar, yeast, salt, water, vegan butter, linseeds, matcha powder

Icing: Pineapple, glucose, vegan butter, icing sugar

Deco: Matcha cookie crumble - flour, corn flour, sugar, vegan butter, bicarbonate, oats, salt, matcha powder

  • Colombi-O. Wake up and smell the donuts! Morning, noon, or night, Colombi-O has superpowers to alert your taste buds. Slurp it down!

Dough: Vegan brioche sourdough - flour, salt, vegan butter, yeast, water, sugar, linseed

Icing: Colombian single origin coffee, vegan butter, glucose, icing sugar

Deco: Coffee crumbles - ground coffee, walnuts, vegan butter flour, sugar

  • Strawberry-O. Expect this HERE-O to be berry nice! Strawberry both outside and in, combined with a vegan brioche sourdough. What’s not to love!

Dough: Vegan brioche sourdough - flour, salt, vegan butter, yeast, water, sugar, linseed

Filling: Strawberry compote - strawberry, pectin, sugar

Icing: Strawberry Icing - strawberry, glucose, vegan butter, sugar

Deco: Crumble - sugar, vegan butter, flour, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger powder, lemon zest, orange zest

Producer: Here-O hand craft iconic donut perfection. They offer super fresh donuts with quality ingredients. For example their sourdough and the process of creating it is what puts the oh! in their doughnuts. Every aspect of their heroic doughnuts stands up to the arch enemy of pre-mixed commercial doughs dispensed directly into the fryer.

Origin: UAE

Portion: 3 or 6 pieces

Stuff to consider: Vegan, contains wheat, barley, nuts, oats