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Gruyère d'Alpage AOP 24 months

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Product: Alpage Gruyère is one of these excellent Swiss aged cheeses. Its deep yellow paste is speckled with white dots: it's the milk protein that crystallizes over time (tyrosine) and cracks under the tooth.

This cheese is highly aromatic, with floral notes and hints of roasted dried fruits. It's made in the Swiss Alpine region during the beautiful season, in the pastures of five Swiss cantons: Bern, Jura, Fribourg, Vaud, and Neuchâtel.

After being crafted in a cauldron, heated over a wood fire, this Gruyère is aged by the affineur, Philippe GOJON in Seyssel, for approximately 24 months to develop its structure and achieve a long, creamy texture on the palate.

It's a true burst of flavors for the taste buds. Whether sliced, shaved, crushed, in small cubes, or in matchsticks, Gruyère is enjoyed at the end of a meal or as an appetizer.

Producer: Beillevaire is a French producer, affineur, cheesemonger : discover their unique “savoir-faire” through our cheeses and dairy products. 

Pascal Beillevaire, who was born and raised on his parents’ dairy farm in the Marais Vendéen, dreamed of blending two of his dearest passions: trade and agriculture. He began selling cream, butter and some other dairy products in the local markets around Machecoul. Many years of hard work and dedication have transformed the family dairy farm into Beillevaire Dairy – a respectable cheese maker, affineur and distributor.

Country of origin: Switzerland

Weight: From 150Gr

Conservation: 0-4°C

Stuff to consider: Unpasteurised cow's milk