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Grazing table

Dhs. 120.00

Price per person, valid for a minimum of 20 people. Add the number of gourmet to the quantity. 

➡ You must book your live station at least 4 days before the event date.

Contact us for any request: +971 50 955 1569

Let us decorate your table as a piece of art! Cheeses, cold cuts, fruit and vegetables, crackers, honey... our grazing table can be adapted to your desires and preferences! 

What's a grazing table? It’s like a buffet, but it’s been designed to make it visually appealing and easy for guests to pick and nibble at food. The key thing to remember here is: organised and delicious chaos.

Inclusions for 20 persons:

  • Cheese and cold cut assortment
    • Choice of halal or non-halal
  • Fresh organic fruit and vegetables with dips
    • ex: radish, baby plum tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, melon, grapes…
  • Salmon board with blinis
  • Burrata truffle, tomatoes and basil board 
  • Tapas assortment
    • ex: pimientos del piquillo, mini artichoke heart..
  • Chips assortment
  • Mixed nuts and dried fruits
  • Gourmet spreads
    • ex: hummus, black and green olive tapenade
  • Assortment of crackers and fresh bread
    • ex: crackers Peter's Yard, wild farmer bread, wild nut bread, rye loaf
  • Honey assortment
  • French churned butter
    • Unsalted and semi salted
  • Platters, boards and light decoration for the grazing table set-up
  • Disposable tableware, napkins
  • Set-up included



  • All the selected products are premium quality, and might change according to the season.
  • We usually serve our guests in sustainable disposable tableware.
  • Chinaware and silverware are available at an extra cost.
  • Service staff during your event is not included - AED450 additional for 1 person (besides the table set up that will be made by us and is included)