KRISPR Genovese basil

20 gr
Dhs. 15.00

Product: Fresh basil as we like it! To spice up our pasta or pizza! Very practical and above all very good 

Producer: KRISPR is leading the way in transforming agriculture and reversing nutritional decline, by bringing together the best elements of science and technology to the cultivation of nutritious, fresh, pesticide-free food. 


They're closed-loop water-saving nutrient systems and indoor environmental controls allow them to create the ideal conditions for plants to thrive, so they can grow within urban centers, even in harsh conditions. KRISPR Greens are harvested at peak nutrition and optimal freshness and delivered within a few short hours of harvest.

Weight: 20 gr

Origin: Dubai, UAE

Stuff to consider: Pesticide-free, hyper-local, sustainably grown