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Galette des rois package

Dhs. 259.90

Product: It's time to choose your king or queen... Share a warm and friendly moment with your colleagues or partners by tasting our delicious home-made cake. This formula also includes 2 bottles of fresh apple juice. An essential to respect the tradition. You will also find the necessary to serve your king cake with disposable plates, paper cup, napkins...

We care! Our disposable material is only made of recycled or degradable paper. The spoons are made of wood.

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Package for 6 person


  • 1 Galette des rois (King's cake)
  • Fresh apple juice - 2L
  • Disposable paper cup
  • Disposable round plate
  • Disposable wooden spoon
  • White napkins paper

Stuff to consider: Contains nuts, gluten, lactose