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Fresh Canary seabass fillets

Dhs. 124.90

Product description: These Canary seabass grows in the Atlantic Ocean waters, rough, deep and oxygenated waters which maintain constant temperatures all year round: it's the perfect-suited environment for Seabass

This fish has a mild and sweet flavor; its texture is delicate and firm.

Tips: You can perfectly cook your seabass in the oven, its flesh will remain firm. The seabass is also delicious cooked in a papillote, as a tajine, in the barbecue or very simply in a frying pan.

Producer description: Our producer is GLOBAL GAP certified: animal welfare and environmentally friendly. His hatcheries maintain a low-density breeding and the feed for the fish come from sustainable fishery, monitored and certified by Marine Trust. They don'tt use any meat-derived by-products.

Weight: 2 x 200Gr

Origin: Canary, Spain

Stuff to consider: Served fresh, possibility to freeze