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Fondant Baulois®, 6 x 20Gr

Dhs. 64.90

Product: The Fondant Baulois® is now available in a mini format, to take with you everywhere.

In their pretty box with the emblematic stripes, the bites are an ideal gift to introduce the Fondant to your loved ones. To accompany a coffee or a tea or simply for a gourmet break, the possibilities of tasting these bite-size pieces are endless...

Do not refreeze.

Producer: Since 35 years Fondant Baulois delights us with its chocolate cakes! Each preparation is handmade in their workshop in La Baule. The specific taste of Fondant Baulois® comes from the simple ingredients of the local terroir, selected with the greatest requirement for their gustative flavors.


  • Defrost your Fondant Baulois in your fridge for 24h
  • Then take out of the fridge 4 hours before consumption

Ingredients: Free-range eggs, sugar, butter, chocolate, wheat flour

  • Decorative pastille: White chocolate - sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, natural vanilla flavor
  • Confectionery decors: cocoa butter, sugar, colours

Origin: France 

Weight: 6 x 20Gr

Stuff to consider: Possible traces of nuts. Delivered FROZEN