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FLASH SALE! FROZEN - Pâté en croûte (non halal)

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Product: Pâté en croute is a traditional dish made with meat pâté that is gently wrapped in a pastry cover, then baked. 

A recipe for this French classic dates back to 1392 and can be found in Le Viander de Taillevent, one of the oldest and best-known collections of Medieval recipes. This popular dish is usually cut into smaller portions and served as an appetizer, but it can also be served as a main course with a green salad. 

Producer: Thomas Traiteur

Ingredients: Pork throat, parsley, shallot, poultry, fig, pistachio, duck, filet mignon, breast, 18% cream, eggs, mushroom, water, brown jelly, butter, flour, salt, potato starch, water, egg yolk

Weight: From 150Gr

Origin: France

Conservation: 3 days in your fridge 

Stuff to consider: Non halal, eggs, lactose, nuts, sulfites, gluten