Feuillantine strip

10/12 persons
Dhs. 94.90

Product: Our Feuillantine strip is a gourmet dessert to be shared during a family reunion or with friends. Its made of a sponge cocoa biscuit soaked with syrup and a chocolate-hazelnut crunchy. A dark chocolate mousse finishes the dessert. 

Producer: Our producer, based in France, makes our delicious desserts from traditional recipes. These classic French pastries will please you not only for their taste but also for their quality!

Serving Instruction: Place the product in a serving plate and defrost for 4 hours in the fridge (+4°C) before tasting. Once defrosted, keep 72 hours maximum at 4°C.

Ingredients: UHT cream , dark chocolate 17,31%, hazelnut paste 14,23%, whole egg, crunchy biscuit pieces 8,54%, water, sugar, praline filling 6,26%, sunflower oil, butter , cocoa powder 2,24%, caramelized hazelnut 2,22%, wheat flour, maize starch, cocoa butter, glucose syrup, invert sugar syrup, gelling agent , emulsifier

Size & weight: 340x90 mm, 650 gr

Origin: France

Conservation: Store the strip in your freezer at -18°C. Once defrosted, keep 72 hours maximum at 4°C. Do not refreeze once thawed. 

Allergens: Lactose, soya, nuts, wheat