Organic Feel Good infusion - Herbal tea bags

20 tea bags
Dhs. 54.90

An excellent infusion for its taste and fabulous for relaxing, thanks to all the famous plants knowned for their soothing virtues. Verbena, orange blossom, chamomile and linden, as well as some blueberry petals, all enhanced by pleasant citrus notes. Mixture from organic farming!

 Steeping time : 5 min
 Ideal steeping temperature : 95 °C
Recommended dose for 20 cl : 2 g
Ideal tasting time : all day!
 Caffeine level: None

Producer: Le Parti du The

Le Parti du The is an intimate and militant project, born from the passion of its founder Pierre Lebrun for sourcing the best teas.

Pierre and his wife Nadège led all the stages of creation to develop an original and demanding store concept. During his studies Pierre traveled to China, and discovered tea. A few years later, then international buyer for an import company, he rediscovered the Tea Houses, in particular the Gong Fu cha ceremonies. In 2005, he decided to make tea his profession and use his talents as a buyer and sourcer to find the best teas in the world.

Country of origin: France

Portion size: 20 tea bags