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PRE-ORDER FOR 27.11 - Crayfish terrine (Possibility to freeze)

Dhs. 289.90

EN Crayfish terrine in Armoricaine sauce 

FR Cardinal d’écrevisses à l'Armoricaine

Delicious terrine made with red swamp crayfish and fish meat, prepared by Loste Tradi-France. This terrine can eaten as beautiful starter or as a main dish with a delicate salad on the side.

Ingredients: red swamp crayfish, fish, surimi, rapeseed oil, creme fraîche, egg white, potato starch, modified tapioca starch, gelling agents, salt, onions, garlic, natural flavouring, shallots, parsley, chives.

Origin: France

Portion Size: 1.6Kg

Stuff to consider: GMO free - May contain traces of nuts, molluscs and mustard, lactose