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PRE-ORDER FOR 09.12 - 'Do It Yourself' Seafood platter

Dhs. 1,090.00

We are thrilled to offer you this year our 'Do It Yourself' Seafood platter. Pre-order until Sunday and receive it on Thursday.

We deliver EVERYTHING you need to make a beautiful seafood platter, from the lobsters to the platter to the super fresh crushed ice. 

The idea is simple: you receive each of the seafood products vacuumed seal, along with 2 Souschefy sauces, a platter and crushed ice and you can either design it the same way we did, or... be creative! 🙂 


Cooked seafood :

  • Cooked Canadian lobsters (2 pieces)
  • Cooked half crabs France (1Kg, 2 pieces)
  • Cooked Langoustines France (500Gr, 8 pieces approx.)
  • Cooked pink shrimps France (450Gr, 16 pieces approx.)
  • Cooked grey shrimps France (200Gr)
  • Cooked whelks France (500Gr)

+ 2 amazing and unique sauces from Souschefy: 

  • Lemon mayonnaise
  • Cumin & paprika cocktail sauce

+ 4 mini churned butter (Semi salter and unsalted)

+ 1 foam platter 

+ Crushed ice

Origin: France

Allergen: Seafood

Stuff to consider: We deliver everything you need for you to make your own platter!