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Comté and Emmental ravioles with parsley (ravioles du Dauphiné)

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Product: As tradition dictates, the recipe for the IGP Label Rouge Dauphiné raviole consists of a dough made from soft wheat flour and fresh eggs; enveloping a filling prepared from Comté AOP ripened for at least 4 months, fresh eggs, fromage blanc from the Drôme and parsley browned in butter.

The Dauphiné raviole is similar in appearance to Italian ravioli, but the filling and preparation methods differ. Dauphiné raviole is a delightful dish that showcases the flavors of the Dauphiné region. It can be enjoyed as a main course, served with a salad on the side, or as an appetizer.

🍽 Count 125g of ravioli per person as a side dish or 185g if you eat them as a single course!

Preparation:  Bring 2 litres of salted water to a simmer, with a splash of olive oil or a chicken stock cube. Plunge the frozen ravioles into the water. Delicately stir with a slotted spoon to detach the squares. Never let the water boil.

Let the ravioles simmer for 2 minutes at skim the cooked ravioles off the surface of the water with a slotted spoon.

The ravioles are fragile, do not drain them in a colander. Place the ravioles immediately in a hot dish with a drizzle of olive oil of cream, or directly onto plates. Serve immediately! 

Producer: Since 1935, Saint Jean has been offering recipes based on traditional know-how: ravioli, quenelles, fresh pasta and ready-made meals.

Ingredients: Pasta 50%: Soft wheat flour, water, fresh eggs, sunflower oil. Filling 50% : French-style cream cheese, Comté, French Emmental, parsley, fresh eggs, salt, butter

Weight: 1 KG

Origin: France

Allergens: gluten, lactose, egg

Stuffs to consider: Delivered frozen