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Dhs. 156.90
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Duck leg confit, Navarre region

Dhs. 39.90

Product: The perfect product for your festive dinner. With our homemade orange sauce, it's a pure delight.

You can choose between refrigerated or frozen and the weight of your duck leg. 1 leg only.

Cooking instruction: 

  • Thaw the product 24hrs before in the refrigerator. 
  • Then, place in a very hot oven and heat through until the skin turns crispy and golden.

Serve the dish with homemade puree and green beans with garlic! The duck fat in the tin can be used to prepare side dishes such as fries, gourmet vegetables, stews, etc.

Producer: Since 1986, Martiko has been producing duck and smoked fish products, respecting the traditions and with the highest quality and food safety

Portion size: From 250Gr

Ingredients:  1 duck thigh, duck fat, salt and preservative: E-250.

Country of origin: Navarre region, North Spain

Stuff to consider: Halal, Gluten free