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Fresh chilli Jam - Tracklements

Dhs. 9.90

The fresh Chilli Jam is Tracklements original, multi award-winner, addictive, sticky-sweet chilli jam smoulders with a gentle heat from fistfuls of fresh red chillies. Incredibly versatile, this chilli jam pairs well fish, meats and creamy cheeses such as our Brillat Savarin, Cremeux de Bourgogne or Saint Marcellin.

Weight: 2 x 28Gr

The ingredients: Raw Cane Sugar, Red Chillies (19%), Red Peppers (19%), Cider Vinegar, Onions, Garlic, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Sea Salt.

The producer : Tracklements 

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Stuff to consider: Gluten free