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Beef Cecina de León (halal), Spain

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Product : Cecina de León is a cold cut made out of cured beef that is 100% natural. It has a distinctive dark red colour with a strong aroma that satisfies even the most refine palates. 

It is produced in the León province, in the north-west part of Spain. The climate of this province, with its long and dry winters, allows the meat to dry slowly. The quality of the meat comes from the local race of the beef from Castille and León. It's powerful and intense in the mouth - this gourmet meat is definitely one of a kind.

Ingredients : Beef, salt and olive oil.

Maturation : 12 - 14 months

IGP labelled (Indication Géographique Protégée - Protected Designation of Origin)

Country of origin : SPAIN

Portion Size : 100Gr

Stuff to consider : halal, vacuumed, preservative free