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Carrot honey from Gatinais, France

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The honey: Rare and unusual, Hédène French carrot honey surprises by the richness of its flavors, mixing fruity and sourness. Very pleasant in mouth, this monofloral honey has a magnificent color of biscuit that invites tasting. Perfect for sweet and sour mixes, carrot honey is great with a moist, soft, creamy, surface-ripenedcow's milk cheese like camembert.

Harvested in France within the Regional Natural Park of Gâtinais, Hédène carrot honey has a creamy texture and is characterized by fruity and sour overtones without being intense. It is a rare honey with unprecedented flavor that makes you want to dip the spoon in the jar and savor it endlessly.

Blossoming period goes from June to August. Harvest happens during summer and can last from July to September.

Tasting advice: Perfect for sweet and sour mixes, Hédène carrot honey perfectly matches moist, soft, creamy, surface-ripened cow's milk cheeses like camembert or brie de Maux. It can also lift a marinade or vinaigrette thanks to its sour overtones.

Producer: Hédène Paris

In the beginning, there are two beekeepers in love with French honey: Cyril Marx and Alexis Ratouis. Both born in a family of beekeepers, they connect through a passion for this noble and natural product, with multiple flavors and source of intense pleasure.

Both graduated from “Rucher-École du Jardin du Luxembourg” in Paris, they realized they both wanted to innovate in the honey sector. Hence they decided to create together Hédène, defined by a 100% French positioning and core values such as traceability, refinement and deliciousness.

Weight: 250Gr