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Brie and Banter box - Maison Duffour & The Tasting Class

Dhs. 259.00

Maison Duffour x The Tasting Class collaboration

Wine & cheese lovers, this one is for you. Perfect for entertaining at home or owning the next gathering at a friends'. What's more, we've partnered with The Tasting Class to select the perfect cheese pairings for these wines. Grab your box then purchase your cheeses.

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Composition :

- Goat cheese with fresh herbs

- Brie de Meaux Fleur Blanche 

- Langres AOP

- Beaufort d'Alpage

- Salers Tradition AOC

- Bleu des Causses AOC

Stuff to consider: unpasteurized cow milk, lactose

Weight: 1kg approx

Origin: France