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Boa Esperança coffee, Brazil, Beans - 1KG

Dhs. 220.00

Product: A round and balanced coffee, typical from its country of origin.

Aromas: Chocolate & Caramel

  • Acidity: 4
  • Bitterness: 3
  • Body: 7

Type: Beans

Botanical varieties:  Yellow Catuaí, Mundo Novo

Producer: Kawa coffee is a specialty coffee roaster. Their mission is to reveal a "terroir" aromas, respecting the producer's work and promoting it to end consumers. 

They have a 360° coffee roasting philosophy, and roast according to the type of extraction: espresso, filter or auto machine. 

As Kawa is part of an ecological approach, they have decided never to enclose their coffees in capsules. Therefore, they have developed a certain know-how on coffee roasting for auto machines to allow a perfect cup result without wasting a capsule. 

Origin: Brazil

Portion size: 1Kg