Black Angus flap steak (Bavette)

300 gr
Dhs. 34.90

Our flap steak Angus is meaty, rich, juicy, and delicious - and is a leaner cut of steak with less marbling. It is heavenly when soaked in a marinade, but it is also quite beautiful on the grill or in the oven. And no matter how you cook it, you should always serve it with a special sauce (the classic shallot sauce or the garlic butter sauce, bleu sauce or pepper sauce for example) and some tasty crispy-golden potatoes.

The producer:

Our red meat is sourced from the best Australian farm, Stockyard. Food safety is of paramount importance to them and is encompassed in their established total quality management systems. These systems ensure all inputs in the production chain are thoroughly and continuously monitored by both internal and external laboratory testing procedures. The quality systems also maintain animal welfare during breeding and grazing. Stockyard is a consistent leader in the industry.

Weight: 300Gr approx.

Origin: Australia

Stuff to consider: Delivered chilled, possibility to freeze