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Large salads

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Discover our tasty and generous salads prepared by Chef Yves with only fresh and quality ingredients.

Do you love the flavors of France? Enjoy our Taste of the southwest salad: smoked duck breast, foie gras, walnuts... a delight! 
Do you prefer something lighter or fresher? Try our Greek or pomegranate couscous salad.

➡ For your catering, we can provide, equipment (buffet, table cocktail, cover, glassware, chinaware, cutlery...), staff and drinks. Don't hesitate to contact us!

Our options: 

  • Greek salad - Ingredients: Feta, cucumber, tomatoes, great olive, onion
  • Italian saladIngredients: Colorful pasta, sun-dried tomato, mini mozzarella balls, olive oil
  • Nicoise salad - Ingredients: Tuna confit, green beans, potato, tomato, olives, anchovy
  • Quinoa cauliflower salad - Ingredients: Quinoa, roasted cauliflower, cherry tomato, mint, sumac
  • Pomegranate couscous - Ingredients: Persian feta, cantaloupe melon, mint, honey and almonds
  • Taste of the southwest - Ingredients: Green beans, smoked duck breast, foie gras, salad, walnut
  • Chicken Caesar - Ingredients: Organic chicken, parmesan, croutons, Caesar dressing

Our chef: Yves Bas come from Belgium. He is an ambassador to the core principles of traditional dining; real, wholesome, and authentic. He offers fresh, generous and tasty recipes inspired by French and Belgian culinary traditions.

When you order our products, Chef Yves cooks them as close as possible to the date of consumption. Freshness and taste are guaranteed!

Portion: 1kg per box 

Delivery: Place the order before 3PM and receive it in 48 hours. Place the order after 3PM and receive it in 72 hours.

Packaging: Delivered in a take-away box - 1kg

Storage: Keep in the fridge until service

Shelf life: If kept in the fridge below 5°c, consume within 24 hours. Once out of the fridge, consume within 2 hours

Allergens: Egg, dairy, gluten, seafood. Kindly get in touch with our team if you have specific allergy requirements.