BEST BEFORE 27.04 - Curé Nantais

200 gr
Dhs. 31.20 Dhs. 39.90

The Cure Nantais' name is a tribute from a farmer to a priest (cure in French) that helped
him to create this cheese back in 1880. Cure Nantais has a pronounced taste as it is
washed several times during its ripening period. Cure Nantais has a straw-colored rind and a strong smell due to the washed-rind in a cellar with a humid atmosphere. The pâte is pale yellow, soft with small holes.

Nantais is served along with fish dishes, or over pears and apples. It can also be used as an ingredient for various dishes such as gratins or tarts. Moreover, it can be made a part of a cheese platter.

Weight : 200Gr

Origin: Pays de la Loire, France

Stuff you should know: Unpasteurized cow milk