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Beaufort d'Alpage

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Product: The Beaufort d'Alpage is a high mountain cheese made with the best part of the summer production starting in June until end of October, when the Tarentaise and Abondance cows graze on the alpine meadows filled with abundant wildflowers and grasses and give a rich and flavoursome milk.

The Beaufort d'Alpage is made by small traditional producers and matured at high altitudes in mountain chalets.

It takes 500 litres of milk to make one wheel of Beaufort. This non-mould ripened cheese is made in France and is recognisable by its concave wheel.

This cheese has a creamy, pale gold colour, smooth in texture, but as it ages, cracks appear, ripening the cheese. The flavors are lovely – with an almost sweet almond nuttiness, the taste is never abrasive on the tongue, even with aged cheeses. Its great taste and flavours of fresh milk and white flowers will take you on an imaginary trip to the mountains.

Producer: Beillevaire is a French producer, affineur, cheesemonger : discover their unique “savoir-faire” through our cheeses and dairy products. 

Pascal Beillevaire, who was born and raised on his parents’ dairy farm in the Marais Vendéen, dreamed of blending two of his dearest passions: trade and agriculture. He began selling cream, butter and some other dairy products in the local markets around Machecoul. Many years of hard work and dedication have transformed the family dairy farm into Beillevaire Dairy – a respectable cheese maker, affineur and distributor.

Country of origin: Savoie, France

Weight: 200Gr

Stuff to consider: unpasteurized cow's milk, lactose