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Baron & Chassaing cumin seed crackers

Dhs. 29.99

Product: Fine and crunchy crackers, thanks to the mastery of kneading and cooking. They do not crumble or become soggy, which makes them ideal supports for cocktails, buffet dinners, cheese plates and spreads.

Baron & Chassaing cumin seed crackers offer a unique flavor combination of subtle sweetness and tangy earthiness for a delicious snack. 

Producer: Baron & Chassaing "L'Épicerie Fine" products are made by craftsmen concerned with respecting the ingredients, without unnecessary sophistication and with real know-how. The secret to their quality lies in the use of a minimum of ingredients, with respect for amazing taste.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, whole grain rye flour (13%), whole grain wheat flour (10.6%), linnseeds (9.7%), sesame seeds (9.7%), honey, sea salt, caraway seeds (0.9%), yeast. May contain traces of nuts, milk.

Nutritional values per 100g: Energy 1702kj / 407kcal, Fat 15.4g / of which: saturates 2.2g, Carbohydrate 43.4g / of which: sugars 6.3g, Proteins 15.7g, Salt 2.1g

Weight: 130g

Origin: France