Purple Artichoke, France

1 piece (500 gr)
Dhs. 29.90

This fresh bunch of artichokes from the Spain is picked when slightly immature, while still very tender and before the choke has had time to form.

It can be eaten raw, cut into strips and served with a flavorful sauce, with vinaigrette or "barigoule" style, as is it served in Provence, with thyme and mushrooms. It can be simply eaten with a little salt, the hearts can be puréed for soup, or it can be used in fritters.

Cook in boiling water for about 8 minutes if desired.

It may also be turned, steamed, stuffed, braised, cooked in cream and served hot or cold, or fried in olive oil.

To store them, place the stems in a glass of water to which some sugar has been added.

Origin: SPAIN

Portion: 1 piece

Weight: 500Gr approx. portion