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Appenzeller corsé

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The idyllic country of Appenzell, with intact alpine landscapes and to the green hills, gave birth to one of the great Swiss cheese specialties. Like 700 years ago, Appenzeller cheese is produced according to an ancient tradition craft and a recipe handed down from generation to generation in about fifty village cheese factories - without any additives and with natural raw milk from cows fed exclusively on grass and hay. During ripening, each Appenzeller® cheese is regularly treated with herbs brine, for three month in the case of organic mild. The exact composition of the Herbal brine is a well kept secret. This treatment gives the cheese its sweet characteristic taste.

Appenzeller is sold in three varieties:

- "Classic": Aged 3-4 months (Silver label)

- "Surchoix" Aged 4-6 months(Gold label)

- "Extra": Aged 6+ months (Black label) 


Country of origin: Appenzell region, North-East area of Switzerland

Portion size: 200Gr

Stuff to consider: unpasteurized, lactose