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Ambriz aged goat labneh

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Product: Ambriz, or Surdali Goat Labneh, is a traditional dairy product, one of the oldest enjoyed in the region. It is made via the 4-month fermentation of goat milk in earthenware jars, using salt only, which develops a strong sour taste. This ambriz originates from the Chouf area in Lebanon, and uses milk from goats feeding on oak trees in the free wilderness.

Producer: Jarra is a company founded in 2020, specialized in selling a variety of fine, Lebanese food to the UAE.
Arabic for “jar”, Jarra gathers hand-made, and seasonal Lebanese products, for the pleasure of the palate.

Ingredients:  Goat Milk & Salt

Weight: 300g

Origin: Lebanon

Conservation: Store in a cool dry place below 17°c

Allergens: lactose, unpasteurised milk